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US, Saudi firms sign deals as Trump visits
Source: CNBC


Alaska Permanent Fund channels investments into companies, infrastructure
Source: ADN

Tapping The Brakes On Public-Private Partnership in Texas
Source: The Rivard Report

The Importance of Risk Transfer for Your Municipality
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine

Digital Tech Poised to Disrupt Building Industry and Help Create Construction Multinationals
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine


Trump's clean energy agenda fueled by Chinese coal
Source: Washington Examiner

America's Real Pivot to Asia Needs to Be Energy
Source: National Interest

Energy Secretary to Tour Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Source: US News

Giant Blades to Bring Offshore Energy to U.S.
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine


A California regulator's curious crusade to remake the Clean Air Act
Source: Public Integrity

How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking
Source: Rolling Stone

Innovations make America's cars faster yet more efficient
Source: Seattle Times

Sustainability for Municipalities and Schools
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine


Gov. Cuomo Asks For Federal Assistance To Help With Intolerable Problems At Penn Station
Source: New York CBS

MBTA Pension Fund Faces $1B Shortfall
Source: US News

Ballot measures to take a crack at fixing Colorado's roads, highways
Source: Greeley Tribune

Smart Highways
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine


After Flint, Congress works to push green water infrastructure
Source: Washington Examiner

Santa Monica Park Stormwater Project to Be Unveiled Tuesday
Source: Santa Monica LOOKOUT

Shine Versus Solution
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine

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May 23, 2017

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