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ARTBA sees growth for US transport construction
Source: World Highways


Electrify America Rolls Out Charging Infrastructure
Source: CSP Magazine

Road crews at work on vexing Owl Creek corner
Source: Aspen Daily News

Gov. Edwards, others ask Congress to keep infrastructure funds available
Source: Business Report

Infrastructure - A Bipartisan Issue
Source: American Infrastructure magazine


Oak Ridge community wants input on new DOE power lines
Source: Local 8 News

Protecting America's Natural Resources
Source: American Infrastructure magazine

Solar Roofs Save Money and Cut Pollution
Source: American Infrastructure magazine


Trump EPA Promises Fast Action (But No More Money) On Toxic Waste Cleanups
Source: Northwest Public Radio

For a More Sustainable Infrastructure
Source: American Infrastructure magazine

EPA targets superfund Anaconda Mine site as needing immediate attention
Source: News 4

EPA prioritizing Kalamazoo River cleanup won't bring federal funds
Source: MLive


Trump's Pick for US Highway Chief Withdraws From Process
Source: Transport Topics News

Transcom Completes Test for New Transportation Management System
Source: U.S. Department of Defense

Smart Highways
Source: Source: American Infrastructure Magazine


Rooftop solar and EVs save water and cut pollution and data can help us go further
Source: EDF

After Fires, Southern California Faces Risk of Mudslides
Source: US News

San Diego's Seawater Desalination Plant
Source: American Infrastructure Magazine

Vol.9   No.146
December 14, 2017

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